Friday, April 04, 2008


It is with the greatest joy that I share with all of you the news of the birth of my son, Iman Ali Torkian. He was born on January 3rd, 2008. It rained that day and for a few days after following a huge dry spell which I took as a fortuitous sign. I have been so fortunate in recent years. In 2003 I married my beloved friend of 17 years, my musical partner and soul mate Loga Ramin Torkian in Panchgani, India where I was raised and lived for eleven years. Now with this added blessing Iman has brought I am experiencing renewed meaning and enormous elevation in my existence.

I have spent much of my life unwaveringly devoted to generating positivity through my music. This has been my greatest act of worship. I have great admiration for those who work hard in life especially when it is done in the form of service. It is this belief system within which I endeavor to raise my son.

I became pregnant in April of 2007 while on tour with Niyaz in New Mexico. We continued to tour until July traveling to Mexico and Europe so Iman is already quite familiar with the hectic life of musicians. As soon as we returned from Europe we began working on Nine Heavens, the new album. It is futile for me to attempt to articulate with words the experience of feeling a life grow inside of me while creating a new body of work. It was nothing short of a miraculous experience. All I can say is that a great amount of love and passion was poured into Nine Heavens making it for obvious reasons my most treasured body of work.

There are certain experiences in life which alter our perception and change us forever. The death of my mother in 2002 was one such experience and presently the birth of my son. More than ever, I now feel this overwhelming sense of obligation to help make this world a place I would want my child to grow up in. More than ever, I have a purpose.

Azam Ali